Sharing My Blog

There are so many ways in which my blog can be shared. That’s the beautiful thing about this day-and-age. There are multiple different media outlets to execute from, however the downside in that all is, well, more competition- but all the more reason to strive to be and do better.

I think the best way to execute my blog is through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Those are the top three media platforms out there that a good majority of people, especially youth and teenagers, are on. On Facebook people can just post the link of my blog on their status or on their friends wall and a good chunk of their friends will see it. On Twitter, well Twitter is specifically meant for scrolling down a feed of information, whether it is informative or entertainment, so tweeting a link of my blog on Twitter would most definitely benefit my blog. Lastly, Instagram is another heavily-used social media platform that people check on a consistent basis. Having a picture of my blog with the link being in the bio would definitely be seen by many, many people.

These are just a few of the many ways I would like my blog to be shared and executed through. There is so much competition these days so it would only make sense to take advantage of these media outlets.


“Bridesmaids” plane scene cartoon remake

So this was an interesting experience… I have never used any sort of cartoon video maker before so this was all new to me. I decided to remake the plane scene from “Bridesmaids”, one of my all time favorite movies. This scene gets me every time. At first the program was a bit confusing but then it started to become more and more entertaining as I played around with the characters and where they were positioned along with their facial expressions and such. I found this cartoon to be hilarious because their voices are so monotone so in a way I think it adds to the humor. Obviously if I had more than just thirty seconds to take up on this video I would have gone more in-depth with the scene and added more, but because of the time limit, I was limited in what I could do. This was a really cool experience and I am happy to share with you my cartoon creation! Hope you all enjoy it!


My brother, Spencer Carmona, has just recently launched an app as of last April. It’s called BZAR: a mobile market place where one can post a photo of whatever it is they want to sell and negotiate prices with consumers. How is this app different than market places like Amazon or Craigslist you may ask? The fact that it is mobile, have one being able to access this mobile market right in the palm of their hand, is what makes it unique, being the first mobile market place on the Apple Store. The way in which BZAR works is similar to the concept of Tinder: you can filter and select the mile radius of people around you. If you don’t want to travel too far, you can choose no more than 20 miles, whereas if you are willing to travel quite the distance, you can choose 50, 60, even 100 miles. Once you got that mile radius part down, you can start selecting which products you’re looking for: a camera, shoes, watches, guitars, etc. and swipe through the pictures. If you see a product that you like, a vintage camera for example, you can “heart” it, and a chat will open up where you and the seller can start speaking and negotiating prices. Once you and the seller come to an agreement, you can pin-drop a point where you would like to meet up, let’s say Starbucks for example, and meet there in a public location.

The app is free and it’s pretty neat! So if you’re looking to sell something that you’ve been meaning to sell for a while now, and you’ve just been too lazy, BZAR makes it real simple for you. Download BZAR!


Coachella, oh Coachella. You Have My Heart.

I chose not one but TWO things from flickr that I wanted to share with you all. Coachella. Coachella. I’ll say it for a third time- Coachella. I have been to many, many concerts and music festivals, but this one is first on my list of festivals I want to see. Coachella is just amazing. I mean, you hear nothing bad about it- ever. And if you do then you probably should befriend whoever speaks down about Coachella (just kidding, I’m not here to tell you who and who you shouldn’t be friends with). But anyways, back to Coachella. This festival is in the best place it could ever possibly be- California. What I love about this festival is how it isn’t just strictly one genre like techno or rock. It’s a mixture of genres ranging from electronic to indie to rap consisting of incredible talented artists and bands like Kanye, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Arcade Fire, Beck, Disclosure, Dillon Francis, Fatboy Slim, Flume, Foster The People, Lana Del Rey, Lorde, MGMT (want me to keep going?), MS MR, Muse, Nas, Outkast, Queens Of The Stone Age, RL Grime, The Head And The Heart, Washed Out, Kid Cudi, and so many other great artists. It’s awesome to see all the kinds of people who show up┬ádressed in so many amazing different outfits that range from one weird thing to the next as well.

So how does this fit into my blog and why is it okay for me to use this media? Well, my blog is a music blog and Coachella is… well, a music festival. It’s also my most desired music festival to go to and I just think it’s overall incredible so I wanted to share it with you guys. I feel that it’s okay for me to share this media on my blog because, as from the Fair Use Checklist, I am “commenting” and basically promoting Coachella, so in a way it benefits them. I am using a “small quantity” from this subject related event and there is “no significant effect on the market” from me using this particular media.



Thom Yorke’s “Trill” Moves

First thing’s first: Thom Yorke’s the man. Second thing: he’s still the man. Thom Yorke, lead singer of Radiohead, is one interesting human being. I mean, aside from his incredible music that him and his band make, these videos literally show how much of a unique individual this guy is. In this meme I posted, one of the first videos is Yorke dancing by himself to one of his very own songs (one of my personal favorites from Radiohead) Lotus Flower. He takes this beautiful, spooky, intricate melody song and singly and self-ly dances alone in the video. It’s weird but hey- it’s Thom Yorke.

I feel like this meme fits into my music blog because on the one hand: it’s music. On the other hand, it’s different and cool and I am here to show you guys the coolest stuff that is out there! Besides the fact that Radiohead is one of my all time favorite bands, the videos on this meme alone just goes to show how different and creative these guys are (more specifically Thom Yorke).

Another video that is awesome is the “Single Ladies” video that York dances to. He looks foolish, no doubt, but because it’s Yorke it’s okay. It makes the song that much better. It makes HIM that much better. I love him okay? Okay.

Check it out.

Make Me Famous.

Hey guys. So for this assignment we have to post about what is the best social media tool to help promote our blogs. For me personally, I think the best way to promote my music blog would be through Facebook. Here’s why: most people are active Facebook users. Whether you do/don’t post pictures, chat with friends, or just strictly check your newsfeed to cure your boredom. Either way, most people see what everyone else is up to on Facebook (creepy and weird come to think of it!) so I think that would be the best place to execute my blog. I think this would be very beneficial for my blog because once more people start posting statuses about it and sharing it, it tends to get the word out and can even trend at some point. Instagram, Twitter, and other media outlets like those are also great, however I think if I had to pick one, Facebook takes the bate.

Speaking of promoting, I am part of The Rutgers Review and wrote an article on one of my favorite artists, K.Flay, that I actually posted about on here a little while back. She’s a really cool, interesting, rad artist that is totally worth checking out! Oh, and my article is also worth checking out!

My Favorite Jew- Matisyahu.

Matisyahu is a genius. This guy has been going at it for a while now, but this song in particular by far stands out. It is so dreamy and spacey. I know I am going to really like a song when it starts playing and I instantly like it- and this is one of those examples. The style of this song is kind of like Major Lazer, another group that I love. Major Lazer’s song “Get Free” kind of reminds me of this one. Matisyahu’s voice is so powerful here. You can really feel his emotions and soul, singing about how life is not about perfection or certainty, but rather it is about just finding oneself and enjoying the ride, and that everything will end up being okay. Matisyahu sings about how there is some type of “brokenness” in all of us at some point or another in our lives, but that is what being human is all about- it is about being able to feel love, pain, happiness, etc.

I can tell you guys how good this song is, but talking about it won’t do it justice; you should just take a listen for it yourselves! It is just a beautiful song that really engages you to think about life and what the meaning is behind it all. I love songs like that because it enlightens and broadens your perspective on many different particular things. It allows you to feel and express emotion, even if it is only to yourself, but for those few minutes that you are listening to it, you are allowing yourself to feel and to cope in some type of way. I think that that is the beauty of music- the fact that it can bring out some type of emotion whether to cry, or to smile, or to just think about what ever is on one’s mind.

Fun fact: I am playing a cover to this song at the Hidden Grounds open mic night October 29th so you all should stop by and sip on some coffee and hear some really cool talented people perform!

Take a listen to this song and just vibeeee to it man.