The very first blog post.

Even though I have never used WordPress before let alone built a website in general, I am finding this experience so far to be very exciting and fun! Being that I am passionate about what I am blogging about [music], to me this isn’t “work”, and if it is “work” then I sure don’t mind it! I like how I am in control in choosing my layout and what kind of “feel” and “vibe” I’m going for by picking the colors and pictures. My options are definitely limited because I can only choose from a small range of layouts, colors, etc. unless I buy the packages that the site offers. In the meantime, I am doing just fine with the options I have available. I am very excited to see what comes from this and to share all my music!

This is a photo I took myself at a Steve Aoki concert back in 2012.

This is a photo I took myself at a Steve Aoki concert back in 2012.

This is a photo I took myself of one of my favorite bands Two Door Cinema Club last fall.

This is a photo I took myself of one of my favorite bands Two Door Cinema Club last fall.


8 thoughts on “The very first blog post.

  1. This site has a simple theme with a nice design. I would suggest you to add a background image that relates to music. Even though your site does have a header, you could have made it more music centric. I like the way you have structured the blog. Overall all you did a good job following the design tips given by Bob Dunn.

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  2. Jenn Lee says:

    I love the theme used for this! The sidebars are quite long. Not too sure if that’s editable though but regardless the little trio navigation display is very cute. The foundation is great and I am excited to see what is to come from this site!

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  3. pmuolo1 says:

    This looks awesome! I love music and was seriously considering doing a music blog myself. You could talk about different genres, bands, pop culture, labels. You have an infinite options with this blogging topic, looks epic!

    – Paul Muolo

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  4. Hi Alexa. I have a feeling that your blog is going to be a great place for music lovers to gather and become inspired by your love of music. By the way, I like that your blog’s name pays homage to the best show ever, Freaks And Geeks! Anyway, it appears that you’ve followed all 5 steps of the article very well because your blog looks great. However, I don’t really like those three hexagons on the top right hand side of your page. It took me a while to figure out that they were the “menu”, “search”, and “widgets” buttons… maybe it’s because I’m an old soul. You did a great job, and I can’t wait to see what else you’ll post.
    — José

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  5. Hey Alexa! I stumbled upon your blog looking through the classes posts and I instantly gravitated to yours! I’d have to say the name you gave your website is awesome! It is one that will most definitely grasp people’s attention! Linking to the article I think your really overall tied in well the front door and foundation aspects to your website. I’m looking forward to seeing your posts throughout the semester! The only thing that slightly confused me was the hexagon widgets as they do not have words so you have to somewhat figure out which ones they are, which isn’t too bad. But again I think you did an overall awesome job!

    – Melissa Evans


  6. Hey Alexa!
    First I want to say that I absolutely love your theme. Its fits very well with your blogs focus on music. I also really like how you uploaded your own photos as opposed to finding something on google. I will say that when I first visited your blog I was unsure as to what it was about exactly. I like your clever title but maybe you should add a little something more to your header to make it just a little more clear as to what you blog is all about. Overall, I really like your blog and I am excited to see where you go from here.


  7. First off, was that TDCC photo from Hammerstein Ballroom with RAC last October? If so, I was definitely there! That was the third time I’ve seen TDCC, such a good band. Seems like you’ll have a lot of great music to talk about!

    Aside from that, I like that your theme is simplistic, I’ll just agree with the others here and say that even though the hexagon widgets/buttons are cool, they can just take a little more time to figure out than words.

    I’m excited to see what some of your other favorite bands are though!
    Lately St. Lucia, Vance Joy, alt-J, and Bombay Bicycle Club have been some of mine!


    • LOVE all the bands you named. Especially Bimbay Bicycle Club!! Seeing them in October at my favorite venue Terminal 5 which I will definitely be posting about!! And I saw TDCC at Starland Ballroom right near NB actually. But Hammerstein ballroom is a great venue too! Saw St. Lucia too! And Alt-j is and Vance Joy is great as well! Glad you share similar music taste! I love bonding over music! 🙂


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