Making a header.

So I actually did not have quite a hard time with making the header. Lucky for me, I took a graphic design course in high school. Yay. What I did have a hard time with was the measurements. I am still a little confused about how to set up the numbers and measurements when it comes to pixel sizes, so if you’re wondering why my header looks a little too wide, squished up and just off, well, that’s why. But I am going to fix it as soon as I figure out how to make it look proportional. Anyways, I took this image from Google images. It’s a record player, if you couldn’t tell. I thought hey, since this is a music blog, what better header would go other than a record player! I mean, record players were the beginning tools of hearing recorded music, so I thought it would be pretty cool to put that as my header. Originally the photo was black and white, and I was going to leave it that way, but I thought you know what, that’s kind of boring, let’s change it up a bit. So I did not use Pixlr (sorry Frank!) and instead went ahead and used what I am use to and what I personally prefer, Adobe Photoshop. Now even though Adobe Photoshop may be tricky to use at first and may look a little scary because there are SO many options, you get the hang of it. Soon everything starts to become second nature. So anyways, as I was saying, the photo was black and white, and I went ahead and started coloring over the record in pink, obviously fading the pink a bit so it looks a little more natural. Then I went and colored in the side of the record player that the record sits on in purple, and faded that too. I played around with the brightness and contrast a bit until I got it to an appealing color tone to the eye. And then last but not least, added in a text that says “beatsandgeeks” and tried out numerous fonts until I came across Helvetica, a simple but cool looking font, and decided to go with that. I hope (soon) once I figure out the pixel size for you guys that you will see how much better it looks than how it looks all squished up now. Stay tuned y’all!


2 thoughts on “Making a header.

  1. I absolutely love your header. First it has the color purple which is my favorite color. Also I like the picture that was used in it. It is simple and relates to the main theme of your blog. Good Job!! 🙂

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  2. Whoahh, well you’ve got more graphic design experience than me! Pretty fancy using Photoshop instead of Pixlr. The only reason I ever used Photoshop briefly was because I got my sister’s old computer and she did all of that kind of stuff, pretty sure Pixlr is more up my alley these days though in terms of my lack of skills.

    I like that you chose a record player, definitely very fitting like you said, but also not used enough these days! It’s especially cool for your site because you’re big into discussing new music, but showing you appreciate older forms of music (even if they’re making a comeback) as well. Changing the color to match your theme was a nice touch too!

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