K.Flay- just wow.

This song, let alone entire album, is fireee. I mean WOW this song in particular goes on a whole other level of amazingness. K.Flay is actually one of my really good friend’s, old sister’s best friend. This girl holds so much talent. I mean GOOD talent.

K.Flay is a graduate from Stanford University. She started writing songs her freshman year of college and eventually started playing in front of audiences her sophomore year. Everything just started to pick up from there and she eventually released her first album “Suburban Rap Queen” her junior year of college. As she continued to produce her own music, just as any music artist, she started gathering the type of “feel” she was going for. K.Flay wanted to make a new type of “rap”, a more original, edgy, hip-hop, indie-rock/alternative vibe to her songs.

K.Flay was stuck with this major label for two years that wouldn’t release her desired album. She went on tour with artists like Icona Pop, Passion Pit, and Theophilus London that really opened her eyes and inspired her. So, after finally being free (thank GOD) from the label she was signed on, she started from the beginning and crafted an entire new project that purely just came from the heart and soul. And man can you feel it.

In this particular song, K.Flay kind of sounds like Lorde but with a little rap/hip-hop twist to it. It’s really neat. This song is kind of spooky, but in a good way and I think that that’s what gives this song its character. So check it out and vibe to this, you won’t regret it!

OH! And peep the small article I posted right below this from PigeonsandPlanes. They give a quick insight and interview K.Flay herself on this newly released album from this past summer.



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