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Hey y’all! So I thought this assignment was actually pretty fun. I am very familiar with GarageBand. Not to brag, but, I have been using it ever since I got my first MacBook in 6th grade (oof.. long time ago). Anyways, I combined what I had written about in both my “About” and “Meet the editor” tab but I said it in a different way. For the intro and body/end song choices, instead of going with GarageBand’s boring old song selections (that I am way too familiar with after using it for years), I decided to go through my iTunes library and choose two songs from there. The intro song is Can’t Stop by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, a fine classic if you will, and the body/end song that I chose is Make It Better by The Knocks. I chose Make It Better for my body/end song choice because I was going for that “up-beat” feel and thought it sounded very cheerful and happy. I did not really have much trouble with this assignment. My only aggravation was recording my voice and making sure it sounded perfect. I may have recorded myself at least 5-6 times till I was happy with how I sounded. Then after that I added in my songs, played with the volumes a bit so my voice did not over-power the body/end song, and faded in/out the songs on the tracks. Now that I am using music programs like Abelton Live, Cubase, and Logic Pro, they make GarageBand look like a piece of cake! I honestly forgot how simple and to the point GarageBand is. It is like the little “baby” of the music programs! I love it though because I have so many memories recording stuff and making songs back in the good ol’ days (not!) of middle school. Overall I am happy with my commercial and I hope you guys like it and see more of what beatsandgeeks is all about!

check it out yo —> beatsandgeeks commercial


7 thoughts on “commercial for beatsandgeeks

  1. I must say your voiceover is a lot more pleasing on the ears than mine is. I hated listening to myself talk so it’s refreshing to hear how everyone else’s commercials came out. You give a really good synopsis of what your website is going to contain and it definitely makes the viewer interested in what’s to come.

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  2. So, really nice job with the commercial! Your song choice is pretty solid, and it gets me interested to read your blog. I know what your site is about, and the information was solid. Good job! I look forward to freaksandgeeks, I mean beatsandgeeks….my boy childish gambino!

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  3. Your commercial was very informative! I also had to record myself many times before I found a take that I liked. It was hard to listen to mine because I kept cringing at the sound of my voice but yours is great! You sound very comfortable. Your music choice was very nice as well!

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  4. Nice song choices, Can’t Stop is pretty much one of the best intros you can use. Make It Better works great as a background track too, and it’s just loud enough to still hear it during your speaking without being distracting. Nice work on the recording too, you spoke clearly and it sounded like your practice of it paid off!

    I’ve tried Ableton Live before and just bought Cubase for a class I’m taking, what are your preferences with them/are there any tips you can give?

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    • So far I am really liking Cubase! I personally think that it’s not as confusing as the others. One of my favorite artists, Washed Out, uses Cubase, so that is how I got interested in it because I am trying to make similar indie-chillwave music like him. In-fact I happen to find Ableton Live to be a bit more tricky than Cubase and am still watching tutorials and learning how to use Ableton. Honestly, it all comes down to two things: what type of music you are trying to make and how comfortable you feel with that music program. What I have been doing is just researching different music programs and watching tutorials on all of them, seeing which one I think can work for me. Fruity Loops (FL Studio) is also a great music program that I am looking into as well. Great for making beats and has a pretty basic foundation that is not too hard to figure out.


  5. You did an amazing job. I think that you “blended” (if that is even the right word) the songs together extremely well. I also I had trouble recording my voice, just due to background noise and the way I sound. I especially like the ending, I think it was a good way to end the commercial with an upbeat type of music.

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