Get Jingy Wit It

So I thought Jing was pretty simple to use. I did not really have that much of a hard time making a screencast with it. It also did not take me a long time to do it either. Unfortunately every time I tried to upload my screencast to Jing it was reload all over again. So I’m sorry guys but I am unable to show you my amazing screencast :(.

I decided to make a screencast about SoundCloud. I personally love SoundCloud. I am a huge fan of it and a daily user. It is one of my favorites music blogs out there. It just has an incredible vast selection of music that comes from around the world. Essentially it’s for discovering music, whether it be the newest releases or just your all time favorites. SoundCloud took the same concept as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and made it so you can follow your favorite artists, friends, and strangers who like to vibe to good music. I think that is pretty awesome. It is smart on SoundCloud’s behalf because it creates a “friend-base” social network type of place, so they are going to have people keep on returning back. So I thought that is pretty neat. You have a stream of live music on what’s particularly popular right now, at least amongst SoundCloud users. You can also filter and choose what type of specific genre you’re looking for whether it be techno, rap, indie alternative, and more. SoundCloud is pretty simple to set up and use. Once you start using it you get the hang of it. There’s nothing really complicated about SoundCloud. I personally love the layout because it is not messy and filled with a bunch of stuff that you don’t even know what to click on. SoundCloud pretty much directs you to where you want to go. I love the combination of orange and black together. I think both of those colors compliment each other, especially because there’s not much coloring on the blog to begin with, so it adds a little touch to it. SoundCloud has a friendly “open-door”, making you want to know more of what it is all about. So go check it out!


2 thoughts on “Get Jingy Wit It

  1. I appreciate this post even without the screencast just because of the title! Writing about SoundCloud and your experiences with it was a good option to still complete the post and give it some substance, still waiting to hear your music on there though!


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