My Favorite Jew- Matisyahu.

Matisyahu is a genius. This guy has been going at it for a while now, but this song in particular by far stands out. It is so dreamy and spacey. I know I am going to really like a song when it starts playing and I instantly like it- and this is one of those examples. The style of this song is kind of like Major Lazer, another group that I love. Major Lazer’s song “Get Free” kind of reminds me of this one. Matisyahu’s voice is so powerful here. You can really feel his emotions and soul, singing about how life is not about perfection or certainty, but rather it is about just finding oneself and enjoying the ride, and that everything will end up being okay. Matisyahu sings about how there is some type of “brokenness” in all of us at some point or another in our lives, but that is what being human is all about- it is about being able to feel love, pain, happiness, etc.

I can tell you guys how good this song is, but talking about it won’t do it justice; you should just take a listen for it yourselves! It is just a beautiful song that really engages you to think about life and what the meaning is behind it all. I love songs like that because it enlightens and broadens your perspective on many different particular things. It allows you to feel and express emotion, even if it is only to yourself, but for those few minutes that you are listening to it, you are allowing yourself to feel and to cope in some type of way. I think that that is the beauty of music- the fact that it can bring out some type of emotion whether to cry, or to smile, or to just think about what ever is on one’s mind.

Fun fact: I am playing a cover to this song at the Hidden Grounds open mic night October 29th so you all should stop by and sip on some coffee and hear some really cool talented people perform!

Take a listen to this song and just vibeeee to it man.


5 thoughts on “My Favorite Jew- Matisyahu.

  1. Not only do I really like the song you posted, but I LOVE this blog. The layout is great, your banner looks awesome and your taste in music is pretty unique. Looking forward to the rest of the music you post throughout the semester!

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  2. I read your blog as this song played in the background and I have to say your description is on point. This is the kind of music you can just chill and listen to, pretty refreshing. Keep up the good work with your posts and Ill try to get over to hidden grounds on the 29th.

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  3. Your blog layout is DOPE! Nice! Its like professional looking and all too which makes the experience that much better. The music is really trippy, but not bad, cool!!


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