Make Me Famous.

Hey guys. So for this assignment we have to post about what is the best social media tool to help promote our blogs. For me personally, I think the best way to promote my music blog would be through Facebook. Here’s why: most people are active Facebook users. Whether you do/don’t post pictures, chat with friends, or just strictly check your newsfeed to cure your boredom. Either way, most people see what everyone else is up to on Facebook (creepy and weird come to think of it!) so I think that would be the best place to execute my blog. I think this would be very beneficial for my blog because once more people start posting statuses about it and sharing it, it tends to get the word out and can even trend at some point. Instagram, Twitter, and other media outlets like those are also great, however I think if I had to pick one, Facebook takes the bate.

Speaking of promoting, I am part of The Rutgers Review and wrote an article on one of my favorite artists, K.Flay, that I actually posted about on here a little while back. She’s a really cool, interesting, rad artist that is totally worth checking out! Oh, and my article is also worth checking out!


6 thoughts on “Make Me Famous.

  1. Facebook is definitely a great choice to promote your blog. Everyone is on Facebook and even though many people say they don’t use it, they at least go and check to see what is going on even if they don’t post anything. It is so easy to share videos just by clicking the ‘Share’ button and it allows all of your friends to see and share it themselves. Keep up the good work!


  2. Smooth inclusion of that article in your post! I’m a fan of that “sneaky” promotion! Facebook is definitely a good tool to share posts, but it’s been getting consistently harder to have posts appear on feeds without paying money to Facebook for promotion. Just something to consider!


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