Thom Yorke’s “Trill” Moves

First thing’s first: Thom Yorke’s the man. Second thing: he’s still the man. Thom Yorke, lead singer of Radiohead, is one interesting human being. I mean, aside from his incredible music that him and his band make, these videos literally show how much of a unique individual this guy is. In this meme I posted, one of the first videos is Yorke dancing by himself to one of his very own songs (one of my personal favorites from Radiohead) Lotus Flower. He takes this beautiful, spooky, intricate melody song and singly and self-ly dances alone in the video. It’s weird but hey- it’s Thom Yorke.

I feel like this meme fits into my music blog because on the one hand: it’s music. On the other hand, it’s different and cool and I am here to show you guys the coolest stuff that is out there! Besides the fact that Radiohead is one of my all time favorite bands, the videos on this meme alone just goes to show how different and creative these guys are (more specifically Thom Yorke).

Another video that is awesome is the “Single Ladies” video that York dances to. He looks foolish, no doubt, but because it’s Yorke it’s okay. It makes the song that much better. It makes HIM that much better. I love him okay? Okay.

Check it out.


5 thoughts on “Thom Yorke’s “Trill” Moves

  1. Jenn Lee says:

    This meme is so perfect and hilarious. I’ve never seen it before but it is mentally going to my collection of funny memes. I think the Thom Yorke Dance is perfect for a music blog such as yours. Great post!


  2. I never knew Thom Yorke could get down like that! This meme is brilliant because it doesn’t matter what song is playing in the background, he’ll look like a drunk freshman kid dancing at a party. It’s a really cool meme, and he’s a great dancer.


  3. Ah nice choice! Thom Yorke IS the man, I’ve gone back to “In Rainbows” over the past few weeks and I’ve been listening to it constantly. I hadn’t seen the Lotus Flower in a long time, but I’m glad I did, because I recently saw Damien Rice’s video for his song “I Don’t Want To Change You” (it’s folkier, but I definitely recommend it), and people were commenting saying he had a bit of a Thom Yorke thing going on, if you watch the video maybe you’ll pick up on it!


  4. Got to first say, I am huge Thom Yorke and Radiohead fan. Love how this meme has to do with the topic matter of your blog – music! I actually never seen this meme before (guess I am not up-to-date in the meme world). Yorke is a character and I appreciate the share!


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