Coachella, oh Coachella. You Have My Heart.

I chose not one but TWO things from flickr that I wanted to share with you all. Coachella. Coachella. I’ll say it for a third time- Coachella. I have been to many, many concerts and music festivals, but this one is first on my list of festivals I want to see. Coachella is just amazing. I mean, you hear nothing bad about it- ever. And if you do then you probably should befriend whoever speaks down about Coachella (just kidding, I’m not here to tell you who and who you shouldn’t be friends with). But anyways, back to Coachella. This festival is in the best place it could ever possibly be- California. What I love about this festival is how it isn’t just strictly one genre like techno or rock. It’s a mixture of genres ranging from electronic to indie to rap consisting of incredible talented artists and bands like Kanye, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Arcade Fire, Beck, Disclosure, Dillon Francis, Fatboy Slim, Flume, Foster The People, Lana Del Rey, Lorde, MGMT (want me to keep going?), MS MR, Muse, Nas, Outkast, Queens Of The Stone Age, RL Grime, The Head And The Heart, Washed Out, Kid Cudi, and so many other great artists. It’s awesome to see all the kinds of people who show up dressed in so many amazing different outfits that range from one weird thing to the next as well.

So how does this fit into my blog and why is it okay for me to use this media? Well, my blog is a music blog and Coachella is… well, a music festival. It’s also my most desired music festival to go to and I just think it’s overall incredible so I wanted to share it with you guys. I feel that it’s okay for me to share this media on my blog because, as from the Fair Use Checklist, I am “commenting” and basically promoting Coachella, so in a way it benefits them. I am using a “small quantity” from this subject related event and there is “no significant effect on the market” from me using this particular media.



5 thoughts on “Coachella, oh Coachella. You Have My Heart.

  1. Jenn Lee says:

    From the title of your post, I already knew exactly what you would be talking about. I, also, have a strong desire to go to Coachella. Every year, I always hear from YouTubers, and friends of how amazing this festival is and the line-up never seems to fail me. I definitely have this on my bucket list and your picture is amazing. Beautiful – great post!


  2. I’ve heard a lot about Coachella but have never actually gone. Picking this media for your blog was perfect because it has everything to do with music and remains something you are passionate about. Hardly looks like a specific assignment because of how well you tied it to your blogs purpose. Nice job!


  3. I have been wanting to go to Coachella and I definitely will have a chance to go one day! The topic you picked this time is so befitting of your blog and that picture looks amazing.


  4. Never heard of Coachella before. I’ve heard of a bunch of music festivals, but not this one. Probably because it’s in Cali and not here on the east coast. I like how you chose something that was really engrained in your blog. Hopefully one day you get to go out to Coachella and some magic happens!


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