“Bridesmaids” plane scene cartoon remake

So this was an interesting experience… I have never used any sort of cartoon video maker before so this was all new to me. I decided to remake the plane scene from “Bridesmaids”, one of my all time favorite movies. This scene gets me every time. At first the program was a bit confusing but then it started to become more and more entertaining as I played around with the characters and where they were positioned along with their facial expressions and such. I found this cartoon to be hilarious because their voices are so monotone so in a way I think it adds to the humor. Obviously if I had more than just thirty seconds to take up on this video I would have gone more in-depth with the scene and added more, but because of the time limit, I was limited in what I could do. This was a really cool experience and I am happy to share with you my cartoon creation! Hope you all enjoy it!



4 thoughts on ““Bridesmaids” plane scene cartoon remake

  1. Hi Alexa! I also used cartoon video maker, Go Animate for the first time and it was surely a fun experience. I think that it was easy for you to create the 30 second Bridesmaids plane scene using Go Animate. You absolutely did justice to the plane scene. I found the female character very funny and I agree with you that your cartoon video is hilarious. I also think the monotone voice adds to the humor. It was fun to see the female character say “You can’t get anywhere in three seconds” and ask the pilot “Are you an appliance” in a dramatic way. Overall, you did a great job with your post. I also agree that the time limit limited our creativity.


  2. Excellent choice of scene! Every since freshman year of college people have been calling me Stove because of this scene. In fact, last year for Christmas my freshman year roommate mailed a package to my house to “Stove Shimchick”. I liked the actions you made the characters do, they really fit with the lines they were saying. Classic scene indeed!


  3. Christina R says:

    I actually watched “Bridesmaids” for the first time last year and so I really liked the scene you chose. I too thought that the monotone voices were funny when using the animation program. Nevertheless, I also agree that this was an interesting experience. Great job!


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