Sharing My Blog

There are so many ways in which my blog can be shared. That’s the beautiful thing about this day-and-age. There are multiple different media outlets to execute from, however the downside in that all is, well, more competition- but all the more reason to strive to be and do better.

I think the best way to execute my blog is through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Those are the top three media platforms out there that a good majority of people, especially youth and teenagers, are on. On Facebook people can just post the link of my blog on their status or on their friends wall and a good chunk of their friends will see it. On Twitter, well Twitter is specifically meant for scrolling down a feed of information, whether it is informative or entertainment, so tweeting a link of my blog on Twitter would most definitely benefit my blog. Lastly, Instagram is another heavily-used social media platform that people check on a consistent basis. Having a picture of my blog with the link being in the bio would definitely be seen by many, many people.

These are just a few of the many ways I would like my blog to be shared and executed through. There is so much competition these days so it would only make sense to take advantage of these media outlets.


6 thoughts on “Sharing My Blog

  1. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are definitely some of the biggest social media platforms used by people. I agree with you that sharing your blog via Facebook will make your blog get more views. Apart from posting links of your blog in Facebook or Twitter, your audience can also make short updates about your blog posts in Facebook, Twitter or WordPress. They can scroll down, below each of your posts, to the “Share this” option which will allow them to share your blog posts in Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and in their WordPress site. Over all, you have done a good job with your post.


  2. pmuolo1 says:

    You’re right, there are literally endless ways to market your blog! I too share the same idea that social media is the best way to get your message across and broaden your audience.


  3. jackiejournick says:

    Hey Alexa !!!!!! I agree with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram being the top sites to share on. Especially since almost the entire teen population is on all three and since your blog is probably directed a lot towards teens and young adults!!


  4. Jenn Lee says:

    I agree that these Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are considered to be the top three platforms people are using today – especially for this and the younger generations. I can really see your blog growing and I can’t wait to see what’s to come. Great job!


  5. I really liked your blog this semester, I have to say! I hope you continue posting to it after the semester is up. I have to agree with how you chose to share your posts. I think the more people on Twitter and Facebook talking about specific posts, the more likely those people are to search around your blog for another great post to read. Dialogue with the audience is key! Keep up the great work!


  6. Good choice focusing on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook (the TrIFecta, if you will). I think an important factor with all of those sites is the ability to maximize viewership of your posts (maximize viewership, that sounds fancy doesn’t it?) by incorporating hashtags to the tweets or posts so more and more people can check them out. That’s a very important way to get your information to spread.


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