Beatsandgeeks is a site where one can discover and get the freshest, most recent tracks of one’s favorite artists before anyone else! Each post provides an in-depth description of the song and what it’s about, when it will be/has been released, and information about the artist/s. Beatsandgeeks’ goal is to be used as a tool to explore and share all the different talented artists out there that make beautiful music that should be heard. So go on, don’t be afraid. There’s some really good tunes waiting just for you.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. jackiejournick94 says:

    Hi !!! I love the idea of your blog, it is a topic that people would really be interested in and start a lot of discussion. I think that it would be helpful if you put something in your theme that showed the viewer what your blog is about without having to read the first post. Maybe change the header to something that has to do with music or a background with an image. Your theme is pretty and simple but it might also help to have your widgets on the side so that a viewer doesn’t have to search for them. Overall I am excited to see future posts and this blog evolve because it is a pretty neat idea!!!

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  2. [Comments about setting up your site]

    I thought your title was very cute. Also, I am excited to see what you’ll be posting since I like discovering new music; maybe it will expand my music library.

    As for the design elements, I really like the minimalism of the theme. I don’t think the space in the background is “wasted space” because it makes the site look a lot cleaner. I also found it interesting and pretty cool that you have to click on the pink hexagon to make the navigation bar appear.

    As for improvements and suggestions, maybe you could change the header (or “front door” like Dunn says) to something more obviously music related? It would visually help viewers to know what your blog topic is about upon seeing the site. The header right now is pretty cool and eye-catching I do admit, but maybe you could change it to another musical image later.

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